Having long term experience and wide scope in designing electrical systems, the scope of services of Contactus LTD involves all parts of an electrical engineering. They are, for example, design of substations and power lines, high and low current power supply and installations of buildings, outdoor electricity networks as well as design of automated control systems of complicated technological devices.


  • Electrical engineering, electrical installation design
  • Electricity related consultation
  • Evaluation of designs of an electrical installation
  • Construction supervision


We also design outside Estonia. Our working languages are Estonian, Russian, English, German and Finnish.

Electrical Engineering. Electrical Design Electrical Engineering. Electrical Design:


  • High current installations

– power supply (high voltage, low voltage, substations, cable lines, overhead lines)
– power distribution systems
– lighting systems (street lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting)
– electric heating systems
– special systems

  • Low current installations

– automatics, including construction automatics and technological automatics
– information transmission and security systems, including telephone communications, data communications and aerial systems, sound engineering, audio-video systems, fire alarms, burglar alarms, video surveillance, access control and special systems

  • Automatic systems

– building automatics or “clever house” control systems
– technological automatics
– automatic fire extinguishing systems (automatic sprinkler, gas and foam extinguishing systems)

With regard to designing electrical installations our scope is very wide, it involves electrical engineering for:

  • residential buildings

– apartments, private houses, apartment buildings (also renovation of electrical systems of apartment buildings for apartment associations)

  • business and commercial premises

– office premises and office buildings
– retail premises, warehouse premises, shopping centres and logistics centres

  • highrises
  • public buildings and facilities

– kindergartens, schools and other educational establishments
– gyms and stadiums
– hospitals, care centres and other medical premises
– hotels, hospitality institutions and club buildings

  • industry

– industrial and production buildings
– production lines and their control systems

  • power engineering and technical facilities

– substations
– wind parks
– main cable lines and their relocation

  • plans

– residential areas
– technology parks
– power supply, communications supply, street lighting
– intra-site technological networks

To a lesser extent (in addition to electrical engineering), in the capacity of the main contractor, we also carry out other design and consultation work connected with construction design (design work with regard to architecture, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage as well as construction surveillance). As part of consultation work, we also render assistance in carrying out general construction and repair work.


Membership of Contactus LTD in professional associations:
Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies
Estonian Association of Electrical Enterprises